Life today is high speed. The increase in motor vehicles has followed this with more cars and commercial vehicles on the road than ever before, which in turn has demanded bigger and better roads. The evolution of life in the fast lane has been to the detriment of our urban areas. Tree lined avenues have suffered as the air has literally been squeezed from the soil. As the trees start to decline, so the damage begins to occur. Paving is lifted and underground pipes are invaded by roots as the tree attempts to find oxygen. The direct result of this is the tree becomes unstable or damages services. The incorporation of Citysand into our urban environment will help eliminate these problems.

What is Citysand?
Citysand is a highly specialised planting medium consisting of carefully selected grades of sand blended with green waste compost.

Tested both in laboratories and in situ, our blend is scientifically proven to provide a high loading capacity whilst creating the correct conditions for plant growth. The selection process of the sand is taken with great care and tested on a regular basis to ensure our product will perform. Particle size and shape is paramount in creating stability and pore space once compacted.