Cascade Planter

A unique, tiered planter which allows you to create individual floral displays to suit your needs

This versatile planter has been designed to allow for a variety of uses. The 4-section base can be easily divided to provide a semi-circular style planter. Use 3 sections and the base will fit nicely around a corner. The base can also be interconnected to provide a curved planter. The central pole that supports the tiers can be completely removed or exchanged for a banner or hanging basket tree. Incorporating the scalloped edge that our products are known for, this new addition to our range is a market leader in free-standing planters.
This planter can be used in many different configurations – as a two-tier base only, as a full 1.2m diameter or as a semi-circular base.

How it works

The reservoir can be filled from any one of a number of easily-located filling points. High-quality capillary matting is used to transport and retain the water from the reservoir.

We use a two-part system to ensure full effectiveness. A ‘wick’ is used initially to transfer the water from the reservoir which in turn hydrates a full size ‘mat’. The reservoir requires filling, on average, twice per week.


DimensionsOverall base: 1.2m
Overall height: 2.4m (can easily be reduced or extended to suit)
Middle section: 600mm.
Top section: 400mm
MaterialMedium density polyethylene (MDPE)
WeightBase: Unplanted 90kg.
Middle section: Unplanted 5kg.
Top section: Unplanted 3kg
CapacityBase: Compost volume 80 litres approx. Water reservoir 80 litres per quarter section.
Middle section: Compost volume 15 litres. Water reservoir 7 litres.
Top section: Compost volume 10 litres. Water reservoir 5 litres.
Wall Thickness4mm
ColoursGreen or Black.
Fixing MethodFree standing


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