Cosmopolitan Cube

For instant impact there is nothing to compare to our unique range of Cosmopolitan planters

Strength and durability have not been compromised to achieve a product that is the most versatile planter on the market. Constructed with an anti-vandal frame and complete with integral reservoir, the cube provides a high quality display with the benefit of a low cost maintenance regime. Stack one, two or even three high, this planter can be designed to suit any location whilst providing maximum impact. 

The unique interconnection between reservoirs allows multi-stacking. When stacked, these planters can be interconnected so that one watering point fills 3 reservoirs. Manufactured from recycled plastic, these planters have a water reservoir of 40 litres and with a choice of four filling locations.

How it works

The reservoir can be filled from any one of a number of easily-located filling points. The depth of reservoir allow us to use a capillary leg. This plastic leg is reusable and mimics nature’s method in the capillary action. Filled with the planting medium, water is transported to the plant efficiently.

The reservoir requires filling on average twice per week.


Dimensions (WxHxD)650 x 650 x 650mm
MaterialMedium density polyethylene (MDPE)
WeightUnplanted 15kg
CapacityCompost volume 240 litres.
Water reservoir 40 litres
Wall Thickness5mm
ColoursBlack or Green
Fixing MethodFree standing


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