Hanging Basket

The only traditionally-styled self-watering basket on the market

Our hanging baskets have been designed to mimic the shape of a traditional wire basket whilst encompassing an easy-fill integral water reservoir.
Unique watering channel makes this basket easier to use than our competitors’ versions. The integral reservoir with a capacity of 6 litres means this basket requires only two watering visits a week.
Complete with a 16”, 3-leg galvanised chain. One length separates to enable easy emptying at the end of the season

How it works

The reservoir can be filled from any one of a number of easily-located filling points. High-quality capillary matting is used to transport and retain the water from the reservoir.

We use a two-part system to ensure full effectiveness. A ‘wick’ is used initially to transfer the water from the reservoir which in turn hydrates a full size ‘mat’. The reservoir requires filling, on average, twice per week.


Dimensions410mm diameter planting area.
530mm overall diameter
MaterialMedium density polyethylene (MDPE)
WeightUnplanted 6 KG. Planted approximately 25-30KG
CapacityCompost Volume 15 litres.
Water reservoir 6 litres
Wall Thickness4mm
ColoursGreen or Black.
Other colours are available on request and subject to a minimum order quantity.
Fixing MethodSupplied with a 3 leg 400mm galvanised chain.
1 leg is detachable to aid emptying


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