Heritage Barrel

This unique product is designed on
the original whisky barrel

Encompassing modern design ideas to increase durability and reduce maintenance costs this free standing planter provides an eye catching display at minimal cost.

Available in either a semi circular or full round, this new planter provides a low-cost solution.

How it works

The reservoir can be filled from any one of a number of easily-located filling points. The depth of reservoir allow us to use a capillary leg. This plastic leg is reusable and mimics nature’s method in the capillary action. Filled with the planting medium, water is transported to the plant efficiently.

The reservoir requires filling on average twice per week.


DimensionsDiameter 60cm
MaterialMedium density polythylene (MDPE)
WeightRound 10kg. Semi-circular 5kg
CapacityRound: Compost 70 litres. Water 40 Litres
Half round: Compost 35 litres. Water 20 litres
Wall Thickness4mm
ColoursBlack Brown
Fixing MethodFree standing


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